I Am The Ocean

I am the Ocean and that used to scare even myself.

I am like nothing you’ve ever seen before, and nothing you’ll ever see again- strong, and deep, and dark.

You’re all too quick to explore my shallows by the light of day, but when darkness falls you stay away in fear of what lurks in my depths.

It used to hurt before to think that I will go undiscovered by anyone. To see each tourist admire and frolic in my beauty briefly from ashore, but always fleeing without plunging in deep where they know my monsters reside.

I’ve always known the inky depths of my madness would drown you, and slowly I’ve realized how silly it was of me to expect sea exploration of mere puddle jumpers.

So I will wait, and continue to swallow up the light each night until there is someone who stays to let my waves kiss them at the shoreline and follow me in when I pull away each time. Someone with the strength to handle that I am controlled by the ever-changing moon.

I am the Ocean, and that’s ok- no one travels to admire the puddles.

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